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My experience in Venice: Chiyaan Vikram

Written By Chiyaan CVF on Thursday, September 23, 2010 | 10:03 AM

He swept us off our feet with Sethu and then waltzed into our hearts with Kanthasamy not only with his brilliant acting but also as a singer. Think Vikram and it’s perseverance that comes to one's mind. Now the actor has already created history with Mani Ratnam's Raavan (Hindi) and Raavanan (Tamil). Interestingly, Vikram played the role of Ram in the Hindi version and Raavan in Tamil.

Recently Raavanan was screened at Venice film festival and Mani Ratnam was awarded the best director Jaeger Le Coultre Glory Award by the jury. After watching the film, the people of Italy gave a warm welcome to the film's crew.

The Venice Film Festival is one of the most renowned film festivals in the world of cinema. This year, 86 films from different countries were screened at the event. This is the reason for Vikram's excitement which he has shared with! In his own words:

About the trip

Generally, going out of country is like a tour; sometimes you wonder about the geographical changes from one country to another. But the biggest heartfelt joy, experience and excitement was in this Venice trip.

About the screening

Raavanan was screened in Tamil version to almost 700 people, most of them Italians. Once the film started, they were full of enthusiasm and loud cheers erupted from the crowd. Especially for the songs 'Uyire Poguthu' and 'Kodu Potta' the crowd started clapping and even got up from their chairs to dance to the tune.

About the people

In our country, people know the language and enjoy the film. But I was really surprised to see the Italian people, who have a totally different language and culture, enjoying our film. In fact, I was not able to control the tremors of happiness that ran all through my body. Generous applause from the audience continued even after the film came to an end.

The Feedback

As soon as the film was over, we were guided to the stage and introduced to the people. When they saw me on stage, the crowd started screaming "Veera". Looking at us, the people started shouting “Bravo, bravo", sounding like waves, one after the other. The amount of enthusiasm they had was immeasurable. I was so happy, tears started dropping from my eyes!

About Mani Ratnam

Mani sir is always a gentleman, calm and composed. He doesn’t get excited. For once, I saw the happiness and pride shining in his eyes. Loads of appreciation came flying to us. In this land with an unknown language and culture, no one knew me. But the only person who made me reach out to this international audience is Mani sir, so all credit and honour goes to him.

When Mani sir decided to cast me in Raavanan, some people asked him why he chose me. In return, Mani sir asked them "Why not? Can you tell me any one else who can work so hard and act like him?" It is because of Mani sir that I have reached here as an actor. I really don’t know how to thank him.
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