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Chiyaan Vikram Exclusive Chat and Pics at Galatta Express

Written By Chiyaan Vikram on Friday, October 29, 2010 | 5:24 PM

Chiyaan Vikram exclusive chat with Galatta,On the Cover page of Galatta Express Issue 18,Oct 28-2010 Entertainment weekly Cinema Magazine,

When there’s a Vikram-movie around the corner, it’s hard to know what to expect. He’s done his share of mass flicks that
have exploded in vibrant hues at the box office and there have even been those off-beat odd ball roles that he has carried
off with equal finesse. He asserts that he is untouched by the commercial success of his movies, because as an actor it’s
the experience that counts. Ask him about Raavanan, that received mixed reviews, and he quite openly states that he has
nothing to comment on the negative criticism. “The box office success of the movie is irrelevant to me. I prefer to see the
movie as a critical success, because it was. The movie was a raving success overseas. It’s a whole new level of film-making,”
he says. The actor who is currently working on a yet untitled film with Selaraghavan and one more with director Vijay,
adds that he is more than happy with the roles he is doing now. The actor adds that the critical acclaim that his part in
Raavanan received, has urged directors to approach him with bolder characters, something that he has not done in a long
time. Doing off-beat roles is a much bigger gamble than going for the usual mass hero roles, but Vikram does not believe
in the ‘number game’, all he wants is to do good roles and be a part of quality entertainment. From the audience’s point of
view, that is a good thing, because we too enjoy movies that are much more than unbelievable stunts and rosy duets!
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