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G V Prakash and Na Muthukumar talk about the music of Vikram’s Deiva Thirumagan!

Written By Chiyaan Vikram on Wednesday, April 13, 2011 | 2:01 PM

G V Prakash and Na Muthukumar talk about the music of Vikram’s Deiva Thirumagan!

It’s a combination that has rocked Kollywood several times in the past few years. And now,the G V Prakash-Na Muthukumar combo strikes ten with Deiva Thirumagan (DTM), the audio of which releases tomorrow. CT gets talking to them on what makes them tick and... the effort they’ve put in for the Vijay-directed film.THE MUSIC OF DTM

GV: It’s shaped up very well. I share a super rapport with director Vijay,who gave me my first big break in Kireedam post Veyyil. He, in fact, signed me up for the Ajith film the very next day after the release of Veyyil’s audio! All his films are musicals and have given me immense scope to explore, musically, and DT is no exception.

NA MUTHUKUMAR: The sequences in this film are very challenging for a lyricist.As the protagonist has the mental growth of a five-year-old, I’d had to pen a couple of songs keeping that in mind.However, during the montage scenes, the lyrics are in-depth.ON A LYRICAL NOTE

GV: In Madrassapattinam,the female lead could not speak the local language properly. And, the English she spoke would be tough to understand for the mass audiences. So, I had to explain her emotion through music. Here too, I had to compose keeping in the mind the character that Vikram portrays.

NA MUTHUKUMAR:I think that there’s a lyric in every tune and as a writer, it’s my job to identify that and showcase it. And well, I’m also young, just like GV! ROCKIN’ COMBO

GV: I share a great comfort level with Muthukumar and I’m glad that most of our songs have been accepted by the audiences.

NA MUTHUKUMAR: I met GV first when he sang a few lines in the Remo… song in Shankar’s Anniyan.Soon, he debuted as composer in Shankar’s production, Veyyil, which went on to do well. DTM is our 10th film together.VARIETY MUSICAL FARE

GV: I’ve gotten actor Vikram to sing two songs in DTM! One of them, a number titled Papa…, is sung by him in the voice that his character speaks in the film. Then, there’s Orey Oru… that he’s sung in his normal voice. Besides, there’s a lovely number titled Vizhigalil…,Vennilavae… that I’ve sung and a theme music titled Life Is Beautiful….

NA MUTHUKUMAR: The visuals of all the songs are amazing and director Vijay has taken song-making to a new level.

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