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Chiyaan Vikram from Deiva Thirumagal to Rajapattai

Written By Chiyaan Vikram on Tuesday, October 11, 2011 | 11:06 PM

Chiyaan Vikram now focusing on role-specific workout regi mens to suit the character

It's not easy being an actor, now even more, with actors expected to look no less than Greek Gods with sculpted bodies and sixpack abs in place. While one may expect that having a good body is sufficient preparation for a film, the roles that fetch the stars accolades are actually ones that are close to real life, requiring every kind of emotional and physical investment -sometimes even going out of shape. Actors have now realised that physical appearance is paramount to a film's success and are going all out to sculpt their body according to the role.

Vikram’s lean frame in Deiva Thirumagal, which made him look convincingly as an autistic father, was also hard earned. For years Vikram has been gaining and losing weight according to the demands of the role.

Sharing his workout schedule, he says, “After Deiva thirumagal..., my next release is Rajapattai, where I am playing the role of a fitness trainer. I had to lose weight for Deiva but I have to look all beefed up in Rajapattai.” Fluctuating physical demands can be tricky.
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