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Vikram speaks about Shankar's I for the first time | CVF

Written By Chiyaan CVF on Thursday, February 7, 2013 | 2:47 PM

   Tamil superstar Vikram is on a new high. Shankar, whose Robot did to Rajnikanth what the first Terminator film had done to Arnold Schwarzenegger,is currently directing Vikram in a film simply entitled I. 

   Vikram tells me he has three different looks in Shankar’s I. “Yes, I am trying different looks. There are a lots of prosthetics involved. But more than external props I’m actually changing my physical look in I. I am changing my physique for the role. I have to lose and put on weight for the role, all in one film.” 
    Vikram has been on a grueling diet to get into physical shape for I. “I’ve actually fallen ill a couple of times. I is a do-or-die effort for me.” 
    Informs Vikram, “In terms of special effects, it’d be like my earlier film Aparichit with Shankar. The special effects would be ten times more advanced. It’s very hard work. It’s a tough role. But my toughest part to date was David. I had to be very normal and yet not be myself. When my wife saw David she told me this was the most difficult character I’ve ever played. 
    The challenge was to look drunk and to look lovelorn. Both are a a high of different kinds. And Isha Shravani is so pretty. Anyone would fall in love with her.” 
    Vikram is flying high. Literally. The Shankar film has the kind of special effects and prosthetics that one has come to associate with this director’s cinema, be it Indian (dubbed into Hindi as Hindustani) or Anniyan (Aparachit in Hindi). 
    Chuckles Vikram, “In the North because of the repeated telecast of Aparichit I am known largely for that film. At any given time it is on one television channel or another. I am currently shooting in Jodhpur and you won’t believe this. Little kids recognize me as the guy in Aparichit. And since I’ve lost substantial weight right now for Shankar’s I they’re asking, ‘What happened to you?’ But I am doing it very carefully, no steroids or other substance to mould my physique.” 
    About David Vikram remains supremely proud. “It was a lovely character, so endearing. Unfortunately a portion of my character’s back-story in animation was removed. That would have given a very cartoonish comic book feel to my character. 
    You get to see some of that in the Tamil version. But I am very happy with my part in the film. I had such wonderful co-stars—Ruby Chakravarti, Saurabh Shukla, Isha Shravani, Tabu. I had a wonderful time shooting with Bejoy Nambiar.” 
    Vikram also spoke his Hindi dialogues for the first time. “I had someone help me with the Hindi dialogues.” 
    Shankar I would also be released in a Hindi version. “It has to be. It’s a very expensive film. And I don’t think any other actor would ever want to attempt what I’ve done in I.”
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