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Deiva Thirumagan Title Changed as 'Vikramanin Deiva Thirumagal'

Written By Chiyaan Vikram on Monday, May 2, 2011 | 1:05 PM

We are all aware of Vikram’s upcoming film ‘Deiva Thirumagan.’ Now there comes a statement from the Producer’s Council of Tamil Nadu regarding a change in title of ‘Deiva Thirumagan.’ There have been some controversies regarding the title of the film from certain communal sections of the society citing that ...the film’s name hurts their beliefs and has to be changed.

From now on Vikram’s upcoming film ‘Deiva Thirumagan’ that has been directed by Vijay and produced by Mohan Natrajan has been renamed as ‘Vikramanin Deiva Thirumagal,’ and this is official!

A team headed by Mr. Sridhar Vandayar of the Moovendhar Munetra Kazhagam, has in person, and through a written statement voiced their objection to the Producers’ Council regarding changing the title of the film. Since Pasumponnthevar is popularly called as “Deivathirumagan” they have requested the Producers’ Council to consider changing the name of the film.

The producer of the film, Mohan Natarajan, considering this request as genuine one has renamed the film as “Vikramanin Deiva Thirumagal.” And this statement has been released by the producer’s council of Tamil Nadu with absolute approval from the producer of the film Mohan Natarajan.

Let us also inform you that this is one of a kind of happening in the Tamil film industry; changing the name of a film after even the music has been released. Hats off to the producer Mr. Mohan Natrajan who has considered the request and boldly gone ahead and changed the film’s name.

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