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Deiva Thirumagal Movie Review - Behindwoods

Written By Chiyaan Vikram on Monday, July 18, 2011 | 10:44 PM

Review by : Behindwoods Review Board

Starring: Vikram, Anushka, Amala Paul, Santhanam,
Direction: AL Vijay
Music: G V Prakash Kumar
Production: UTV Motion Pictures
Subtitles: Rekhs

“Simpler a thing is, nobler it is”, said the legendary Sathyajith Ray. He would have reiterated his stance now had he watched Krishna (Vikram) in Deiva Thirumagal.

What would you call someone who is an embodiment of all things good, simple and virtuous but appears in the eyes of blemished materialistic world as aberrated? A Deiva Thirumagan, indeed!

DT is a poetical tale of love and affection between a dad and his 5 year old daughter who is the raison d’ĂȘtre of his life. He may be a mentally challenged person to the world but he is after all her dad.

Director Vijay’s caliber as an effective raconteur keeps escalating in every film of his and DT is the latest example. His matured handling of the script and his characters are just testimony to this. It is endearing to watch this tale unravel itself in a very charming and touching fashion.

There are no villains in DT but all the characters are driven by the goodness exuded by its lead Vikram. One of the first frames, where Krishna helps the pickpocket guy sums up his characterization. The subsequent shots of him abiding the traffic signal, wanting to stick to truth only and helping a hatchling to its nest lucidly spells forth his character. In a way, it is Vikram all the way…

What can you say about this actor whose sincerity and talents that are not already known? It is not Vikram you see but it is Krishna and a dad wanting to be with his daughter suffering the pangs of separation. He has done the tightrope walking of playing a mentally challenged person to the hilt. A little sway on any one side would have worked detrimental to him as an actor and the film. The seasoned actor that he is has given a brilliant performance.

Anushka looks ravishing and as a struggling lawyer gets her act right wanting to bring justice to her client. Santhanam’s comedy gels along with the story line and brings in enjoyable lighter moments. Nasser as the intelligent and cunning senior advocate Bhashyam is apt and delivers a veteran’s performance. However it is baby Sara who steals the show next only to Vikram in her angelic looks and performance. There is a serene look about her which helps the role majorly and her understanding of her dad and playing to his inadequacies warrant accolades. Amala Paul has a small role and delivers it right. The supporting casts of Y Gee Mahendra, Sachin Khedekar, Karthik Kumar, Krishna Kumar, Surekha, M R Kishore and Priya have also essayed their roles quite effectively. .

Setting the right kind of mood through his camera work has been cinematographer Nirav Shah’s forte which he has adhered to in DT. Nirav has had a field day in Vizhigalil Oru Vaanavil number which is aesthetics at its best. Anushka’s expressions in this sequence and the oblivious Vikram behind her on the bike are a revelation. The sleek and discreet editing helps the proceeding in a big way. G V Prakash’s scores are already chartbusters and each track adds significant value to the film. Ore oru oorukkula number is sure to be children’s favorite

Dialogues like “Vakil kitayum doctor kittayum poi pesa koodathu, aana vakillum doctorum poi pesalam” and ‘Saamikku amma kedayaada’ are noteworthy. There are quite a scenes that tug at your heart’s strings and almost all of them happen between the dad and the daughter, the cream being the one between them in the court room towards the end and that on the first day of Sara’s school where the duo communicate with each other in sign language.

On the flip side a few scenes involving M S Bhaskar and the helper don’t add value to the progress of the film. However considering the overwhelming positive feeling that the film evokes in its entirety, these foibles can be forgiven.

After a long while, DT gives the satisfaction of watching a film without cringing in your seats or worrying how it would appeal to the young population. In short Deiva Thirumagal is a well nuanced film that will appeal to everyone who has their heart and feelings in the right place.

Verdict: An emotional tale between a father and a daughter well told


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