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Vikram’s wife helped shape his character

Written By Chiyaan Vikram on Wednesday, July 13, 2011 | 11:16 AM

The best of talents in the industry have come together to make Deiva Thiirumagal a special film, says director Vijay

His earlier offering Madrassapattinam showcased his talent as a filmmaker. Now, with UTV’s Deiva Thiirumagal that hits screens on July 15, director Vijay seems to have taken another giant leap with a subject that will appeal to all sections of the audience.

In this film, Vikram, an actor who is critically acclaimed for bringing to life several interesting characters, plays an adult with the mental growth of a five-year-old. “With his performance, Vikram has taken the character to the next level,” states Vijay. “Deiva Thiirumagal is a Vikram film, no doubt. Everyone will go crazy about his performance as Krishna. I just can’t wait to see the reaction of the audience,” he says. Apart from Vikram, the audience has Sara (the little girl), Anushka, Amala Paul and a host of other talents to watch out for.

As part of research for the film, the filmmaker visited several schools for children with similar developmental issues. He also credits Vikram’s wife, Shailaja, for her proactive contribution. “Besides my research, the information given by Vikram sir’s wife, Shailaja, helped me shape the lead character better,” he states, adding, “In fact, the entire unit owes a lot to his wife as she contributed immensely at every stage of the film.”
“A good film depends on the people who work in it and also on the comfort level they share,” he tells CT, adding, “In that way, Deiva Thiirumagal boasts of some of the best talents. Nirav Shah, who translated my ideas into visuals, has managed to keep the colours fresh and realistic. He’s a good friend and knows exactly what I want. And then, there’s music composer G V Prakash, with whom I share a great rapport. Music is like a character in the film.”

The director says it’s a film that aims to reach out to every section of the audience. “We set out to do something special and that’s what we have ended up doing. I’m sure audiences are going to love it,” he signs off.

Source : Chennai Times
Dated : July 13,2011

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