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Chitchat with Vikram about Veedinthe

Written By Chiyaan Vikram on Wednesday, December 28, 2011 | 3:26 PM

Chiyaan Vikram is known for variety and he has enthralled audiences of Andhra Pradesh with commercial blockbusters like Siva Putrudu and Aparichitudu. His performance in his last movie Nanna has generated tremendous critical acclaim. His latest movie Veedinthe (by birth) is going to release with 200 prints on 30 December 2011. Here is’s exclusive interview with this National award winning actor -

People look out for variety in your films. What are you offering with Veedinthe?

People from Andhra Pradesh look out for performance oriented roles from me. Veedinthe is not just another film. Veedinthe is the toughest film done by me so far. When I did Nanna, I had to do research for 2 months before acting in the film. But it was easy after doing 2 months of home work. But the character in Veedinthe had so many shades that my kind of preparation was futile. I had to slip from one shade to another shade in split of second. I am not a kind of guy who changes get-up with just make up and costumes. I want to mentally prepare and imbibe the qualities of the character even before I wear make-up and select costumes. I have donned 15 get-ups in the film. It is tough for a guy like me who takes preparations for a character/get-up too seriously. Shades in my character and different get-ups will entertain the people of Andhra Pradesh along with commercial outlook of the movie.

Suseendran has delivered two blockbusters with inspiring subject and realistic orientation. How different is his work in this movie?
Suseendra’s work is more known for realism. Though I did many roles that requires aestheticism, I have done hard core mass subjects like Gemini, Dhool, Saami etc. Unfortunately none of these films were dubbed in Telugu and were remade in Telugu with popular heroes. Hence, most of Andhra Pradesh audiences haven’t experienced my mass films. Veedinthe is a judicious mix of Suseendran’s realism and my kind of mass elements. Veedinthe is going to be a mass masala entertainer.

How do you feel when films like Raavan fail at box office after putting so much of effort?
I always enjoy the work I do to the fullest. If you start worrying about results, it will affect our work. I am a kind of guy who is driven by challenges. During the shoot of Veedinthe, I had to continuously work for 38 hours because the dates of Pradeep Rawat were getting over. Acting in films is my obsession and it drives me crazy to work harder. For me the results doesn’t matter, but work do.

What are your five favorite films among yours?

1. Nanna.
2. Villain (Raavan)
3. Aparichitudu
4. Siva Putrudu
5. Sethu

You have achieved many things an actor in India could achieve. Do you have any more goals?
I want to be in film industry even after 20 years in some capacity. I get inspired by actors like Amitab Bachchan and Sean Connery. I will re-invent myself and have my own brand going. I feel that the man is the master of his destiny. I am a perfectionist who always want to be at his best.

What is your next film?
I will be doing a film with the team of Nanna. Jagapati Babu is playing another hero in that film. Anushka and Amy Jackson play female leads. It is going to be a stylish action thriller.
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