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Vikram Shares Secret behind his Ai Look | DC

Written By Chiyaan Vikram on Sunday, August 3, 2014 | 12:02 PM

Secret behind his sculpted look

Vikram, Who went through a rigorous weight loss programme for his role in Ai, explains how he achieve the physical transformation

Actor Vikram, who is often called the Christian bale of Kollywood for displaying drastic changes in the way he looks for each role he plays, credits his trainers for helping him achieve those transformations.

Vikram started training for his new look in Ai two years ago. Even during the filming his team of trainers travelled with him. While his body trainer Bharath set his diet and prepare his workout schedules, his trainer Joseph and physiotherapist Vidya Sagar would assist him in executing them.

A self-confessed foodie, Vikram tells us how he spiced up his diet. "When you are on a constant diet, you inevitably get tired of eating the same old food in the same amounts. That's one of the reasons why people give up on their diets. so we tried to add some variety to my meals by coming up with protein shake cakes and baking cookies with chia seeds and quino in it," Vikram says.

"After Ai, When I wanted to put on weight for my next project, I was told tat i should go easy on my training or else i would end up looking sick." says Vikram. Why did he opt to take such a rigorous route to achieving a certain look? Couldn't make up, costume and acting achieve the same effect? .


  • Vikram followed a fiber based diet and exotic fruits from different countries were imported. Best European protein supplements were used for the diet

  • Plyometric workouts were the base. The diet was framed in such a way that the specific workout routine gave maximum results

  • As the diet and workout in turn increases the body heat, the actor cut-down the heat from affecting his workout routines with regular head massages with oil
Looks alone can't convince an audience about a character, but how one looks on screen is instrumental in building a certain image around the role. When I am playing a particular role, I would like to look like the character rather than like myself." says Vikram

Credits : Deccan Chronicle
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