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A convo with 'I' producer - An IG exclusive

Written By Chiyaan Vikram on Sunday, September 28, 2014 | 7:26 PM

Indiaglitz caught up with the ace producer, Aascar Ravichanran for an interview, and discussed a few things in detail. Here we go!

Brief about ‘I’ in few words..

To put in simple terms, I can vouch that Tamil cinema will be split into before ‘I’ and after ‘I’.

What is the reason behind bringing Hollywood stars for the audio launch ceremonies?

It is nothing but to get a global appeal to our movies. If a small budget horror movie ‘Conjuring’ can hit the screen in 169 countries; what’s stopping us from giving an international light to our quality product? By getting international celebrities like Jackie Chan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the entire media will follow our product, and it will be easy to break through the untouched markets. Moreover, Arnold is a great inspiration for all the youngsters, and I thought his visit could boost the morale of millions of people.

Why did Arnold leave the event in the half way stage?

We have planned to start the event by 6 P.M and he already his return was already scheduled for 10.30. There is something called air traffic, like we have on our roads, and it will be difficult to reschedule the air routes. That’s the only reason for his departure.

We heard that Jackie Chan is making his presence for Telugu audio release, is that true?

All I can say is; we are planning a big event for the Hindi version, and I can assure that the event will be three times bigger than Tamil. Please wait and watch, there will be an official update in a few days time.

Are you sure about releasing the movie for Diwali? ‘Kaththi’ is also making its way..

(Started answering before completing the question) There’s a huge expectation for ‘I’ and Shankar commands a tremendous fan following which is equal to any mass heroes in our neighboring states (Kerala & Andhra). The movie will release in close to 15000 screens across the world, and Shankar has lead the crew like a military captain who is all set to kick start the war with a big arsenal. Now, it is up to me to blow the whistle and kick start the proceedings. There are enough screens for all the movies, and I’m sure of ‘I’s success.

Is it not a big risk to produce the biggest movie of Indian Cinema? Have you not calculated the negative side before venturing into this?
No, not at all. Shankar is the only person in Indian cinema to hold a 100 % track record, and he could have easily directed more movies in his 25 year long career. But he ensures each and every product of his are unique, and keeps raising his bar. On the other hand, Vikram could have easily acted in 7-8 movies in the last 2.5 years, however, they all remained dedicated to this dream project, and if at all any delay has occurred on this journey; it is absolutely because of me.

Why the release of ‘Viswaroopam 2’ & ‘Boologam’ are getting delayed? Is it because of ‘I’?

Once again, I have to say no to your question. Kamalhassan commands a tremendous opening of his movies so does Shankar. So, I can push the release of their movies, and reschedule whenever I want. But movies like ‘Boologam’ must get a proper release to perform better. In another ten days or so, I will be announcing the release dates of ‘Boologam’ & ‘Viswaroopam 2’. There is about a week’s work is pending for Kamal’s movie regards to CG work, and it will release before the end of this year. It is not easy to juggle with multiple movies at a time, and I blame myself for the delay of some projects. Till date, I have not visited any shooting spot, and I do not know how a movie is getting made. All I know is; movie making is as equal to staging a wedding every day, and that is definitely not easy!

How do you plan your movies?
Honestly, I have not sketched my journey so far. This could be a surprise to all, but the fact is; I do not even listen to stories. I blindly go with my instincts, and will get ready to face whatever happens thereafter. One fine morning, I went to Shankar’s place and asked him to make a film for me. He said already 18 people are waiting for him, and I simply requested him to put me at the top of the list, and that is how ‘I’ shaped up.

Is there any particular reason behind for not making public appearances?

I do not gain anything by attending a meet, and I have nothing to be feel proud of what I achieved. I’m a person who accepts everything. I say yes, even to a gossip and I know things will fade away soon. For example, the entire credit for ‘I’ must go to people like Shankar, P.C. Sreeram, Vikram, and Rahman. I got no taste in picking the script or finalizing a tune; then for what reason I should come out and brand myself? I’m here all because of god’s grace, and I’m just a speck of dust in front of him.

What would you like to convey to our readers?

Believe in GOD! Only he can protect us from all the difficulties in our life.

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