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Chiyaan Vikram- Man made of STEEL !

Written By Chiyaan Vikram on Saturday, December 6, 2014 | 10:26 PM

At 48, Vikram is challenging the whole world with his hard-work and dedication. This recent photo he took during the shoot of I at China has made our eye balls glued to it.

From a beastly body builder to a handsome model to a hunchback, Vikram is going to amaze us with all the get-ups and makeovers in Shankar’s magnum opus. When the world is busy talking about Christian Bale's ability to bring drastic changes to his body, our beloved Chiyaan Vikram is no less.

Vikram is said to have increased his weight over 80kgs and later brought it back to like 40. Trainers say, this is almost impossible for anybody in such a short span of time. Nobody can do it unless they have unbelievable will power. Vikram has just surpassed everybody through his dedication. He is somebody who knows what happens to his body when he eats or hits the gym. The 6-pack sensation is nothing to him. He knows lot more ways to chisel his body.

When stars like Arnold and Stallone are living examples, Vikram also joins the list. The actor has gone to the extent from completely starving to binging food and having gym sessions for hours. Considering the time constraints, actors tend to go on steroids to bring such shapes to their body. But Chiyaan is fit throughout the year and he goes on a very healthy diet comprehended by vigorous work-outs. We have to call him 'The Steel' for all of this.

Vikram, Hats off !

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