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Vikram's I is definitely a Pongal treat

Written By Chiyaan Vikram on Friday, January 16, 2015 | 9:31 PM

Director Shankar’s I is an extravagant revenge saga that revolves around a beautiful tale of love sullied by jealousy, greed and anger, says S Saraswathi

Director Shankar’s phenomenal success record is legendary. He is one of those rare directors, who turns everything he touches into gold.

It has been three years since his last film, and expectations have hit the roof for his latest venture -- the mega-budget romantic thriller, titled I.

The film does live up to the monumental benchmark set by his previous films in terms of glitz and glamour, but at the heart of this spectacular extravaganza is a predictable revenge saga.

Lingesan (Vikram) is an enthusiastic body builder totally in awe of the hot and happening supermodel Dia (Amy Jackson).

Though he understands his status and holds no hope of ever winning her affections, fate brings them together.

Dia is harassed by her colleague and popular model John (Upen Patel). When she refuses to succumb to his demands, he gets her blacklisted.

She loses many of her contracts and is furious. In retaliation, she decides to create her very own model.

She brings in her stylist, a new haircut, trendy clothes and some stylish sunglasses transforms the lowly Lingesan into a suave and stunning personality.

But mesmerized by her beauty, Lingesan is still uptight and awkward around her. Their chemistry just does not work.

A frustrated Dia pretends to fall in love with him to loosen him up a bit. This works wonders and together they take the modeling world by storm.

But in the process they make many enemies. Besides John, there is Ramkumar Ganesan, a business tycoon, Dia's stylist, who is also in love with Lingesan and a bitter body builder from Lingesan's previous life.

There is also the well wisher and doctor of Dia's family, Suresh Gopi, who has an axe to grind.

The narrative lacks the pace; we usually associate with a Shankar's film. But he does tell a beautiful tale of love sullied by jealousies, greed and anger.

The intriguing screenplay as the director alternates between the light-hearted past and the thrilling present keeps you engrossed.

Vikram, as he painstakingly transforms himself from a body builder, to supermodel to ugly hunchback, is truly impressive and deserves much applause.

Amy Jackson too is perfectly cast.

Thankfully Shankar has not sidelined her in favour of Santhanam.

Celebrity makeup artist Ojas M Rajani is simply hilarious as the gay stylist in the film.

The cast may be perfect, and performances excellent, but Rahman and PC Sreeram are undoubtedly the real winners of the film.

Sreeram's visuals, especially those shot in China, simply stun you, giving new life and meaning to the already memorable songs.

Shankar efforts at making them spectacular are evident, but the same cannot be said about the plot, which seems rather tame in comparison.

Towards the end, the narrative takes on a humorous turn, which does not quite gel with the gravity of the situation.

Nonetheless, Shankar's I is not to be missed, it should be watched in all its glory on the silver screen. Definitely, a treat for Pongal.

Rating: 3.5/5

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